Monday, July 13, 2015

Letter from Michael 7-13-2015

It was a great blessing having the car last week. Everything was much more enjoyable. We are teaching a few families namely the Jonas family, William's family, Richard's family, and Nicky's family. We put William's family on date last week. If they are able to come to church and keep the word of wisdom all should work out fine. Nicky's wife was supposed to be baptized but did not. Immaculate was interviewed on Saturday night. The interviewer said she understood well and was keeping the commandments. However he did not pass her because he was under the impression that she was being baptized because her husband was recently converted. We don't believe that part in the slightest. She only postponed the baptism so that her husband could baptize her. She was more prepared for baptism than even Nicky was.  She was pretty upset that she couldn't be baptized so we talked to the mission president about a 2nd interview.
Vusi came to church on Sunday. There are still many members we don't know so I talked to Bishop Kirshman about having an activity at the ward. No one here has seen "Meet the Mormons" so we will show that to the ward. We will come up with more things as we go. Perhaps we will do some community service with the ward. 
- Elder Johnson

P.S. - People here think I look like the actor, Ben Stiller... shame.
"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% what we decide to do about it."
- Thomas Edison
"A vicious tongue can ruin the reputation and even the future of the one attacked. Insidious attacks against one's reputation, loathsome innuendos, half-lies about and individual are as deadly as the insect parasites that kill the heart and life of a mighty oak. They are so stealthy and cowardly that one cannot guard against them. As someone has said, 'It is easier to dodge an elephant than a microbe.' "
- N. Eldon tanner

Part of his letter to his mom:

We need to meet with Dell hopefully tomorrow. We did not see him last week. Nothing came of the referrals that we received and my companion is English. Training is okay. 
I will ponder on those two plans concerning college. It is official that I fly home on December 8th this year. 
My best experience was on Sunday when we taught Nicky and Immaculate. We Explained their situation with Bishop Kirshman and we brought him with us for the visit. He helped out a lot. We talked about baptism and getting another interview if she feels ready again. The main part we talked about the saving ordinances and temple work. We focused on Eternal marriage which is basically the only thing they had not been taught before. They enjoyed that and Immaculate was feeling much better after.
Yep! That is President Dunn's vission for the mission. We should just worry about baptizing tons of people but to focus on building the kingdom. That includes re-engaging less-active or inactive members, getting people endowed, and sealed.

Part of his letter to his dad:

I have not started FHE  yet. I will in a few weeks. I will mention it in one of the PEC's or Ward Council. You are making Calvin a master fisherman! I can't wait to try out the new truck and trailer on a camping trip. It will be fun!

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