Monday, July 6, 2015

Letter from Michael 7-6-2015 – Hallelujah

Happy Independence Day! I sang "The Star Spangled Banner" a couple times on Saturday. Starting today we get to use the car for a week! What a blessing! We have one investigator being baptized next Sunday. Her name is Immaculate. She is the wife of Nicki who is a  recent convert. The both of them and their relatives came to church yesterday. We hope to begin teaching them tomorrow. 
I met another great investigator named Dell. He has been investigating the church for a long time. He is getting married within a couple of weeks and then hopefully be baptized. I have gotten to know a few more members now. We have done some finding and received some referrals. We will see how it plays out this week.
On Saturday night at Nicki and Immaculate's place we ate pap and the cow's intestines. I never had it before until now. I only ever heard bad things about it but I was actually surprised. It tasted pretty good. It still is not one of my favorite things to eat though. 
Six of the greatest words on Earth:
Control Thyself - Cicero
Know Thyself Socrates
Give Thyself - Christ
The Next six greatest words on Earth:
Breakfast Served - Mother
Lunch Served - Mother
Dinner Served - Mother
I love you, mamma! ...& not just for the food!
- Elder Michael Johnson

Part of letter to his mom:

Happy 4th of July! I bought shoes. DL and Training is going well. We email at an internet cafe. The ward is nice. The bikes have problems almost everyday. This area was not always a biking area. But last transfer there were Elders serving here who could not drive. So they lost the car.
I have a clean record. They just got rid of a ton of cars. Bad timing.

(When asked about his best missionary moment of the week, he replied: Either district meeting or discussing about the members and missionary work in PEC meeting. It was intense. My studies have been great lately. I feel as if God is speaking directly to me. I studied the atonement and plan of salvation in Alma. Now I am reading about the stripling warriors.

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