Monday, April 6, 2015

Letter from Michael 4-6-2015  Easter/Week of Witnessing

Conference was great! I enjoyed all of the talks. I saw both morning sessions live and also saw the Saturday afternoon session. This week we did something different. We had what we called the "Week of Witnessing." There is a new short video that the church came out with for Easter. It is called "Because He Lives." Anyway, we had many Because He Lives pass along cards and we were supposed to pass out as many as possible. So finding was the focus for the week. President Dunn also provided for us big Because He Lives banners so we can have it with us on the street corners when we pass it out. They are very good quality too. We went to mall, gas stations, and shopping centers. Also, passed some out at a members tuck shop in the location. We also did at a members mini fast food restaurant. Most of their customers work at the power station so a lot of them are foreigners. There are even some Americans and Czech Republicans. 
My companion got pulled over last week for crossing a solid white line. The cop was going to give Elder Novotny a 2,000 Rand fine. We gave her a card and talked about Easter, Christ's mercy, and how she should try to follow Christ's example. So thankfully she forgave Elder Novotny. 
We taught Selena about the word of wisdom and she committed to keep the commandment. She and another investigator, Veronica, attended general conference. 
- Elder Johnson

Part of the letter to his mom: Starting this Wednesday Elder Novotny and I are teaching two gospel classes at a university here. It is going to be awesome! I have not heard of a missionary doing that before. We are able to do it because we have a member, Edwin, who works at the school. It will be every Wednesday! 

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