Monday, April 20, 2015

Letter from Michael 4-20-2015- Selena is baptised

Letter from Michael 4-20-2015- Selena is baptized

This was an interesting week. In our district there is us and four missionaries serving in Kwagukwa. At the beginning of last week their car died. So we had to drive them everywhere. We made at least four trips to Kwagukwa and back everyday so the work was a bit hindered on both sides. I hope their car will be fixed this week. 
We taught at the college again last Wednesday. We had a presentation about the Bible and the Book of Mormon. It went well on our side. We also had the family home evening on Friday night. Not enough people knew about it so only two people came. More people know now and some of the leaders are coming as well this time. We are going to watch Meet the Mormons and drink some Hot Chocolate afterwards. 
Selena got baptized yesterday. The services was nice and her daughter and husband even came for all of church. William, the husband, enjoyed it. It was his first time attending the church. I have pictures from the baptism but I am sick of getting virus's on my memory card. 

Spencer W. Kimbal said,  "...forgiveness is not a thing of days or months or even years but is a matter of intensity of feeling and transformation." Repentance was never meant to be an easy thing Forgiveness is possible, but requires a mighty change of heart. 

- Elder Michael Johnson

Part of his letter to his Mom:
On Thursday night I probably saw the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life. On our way back home we saw a car on the side of the highway in flames. We were observing it and discovered that there was someone inside of it. We don't know how the accident happened but we were one of the first ones there. Tons of people arrived after us. Anyway, so there was a woman in the back seat. We originally thought she was a man but it was just because her air was singed off. We wanted to help but there was nothing we could do. Some guys had fire extinguishers which did not help. They managed to get the door open which only made things worse. It was windy so the flames only got stronger. We stood and watched as the poor woman squirmed around trying to escape. She got only part way out once or twice. I think her leg or foot was caught on something. No ambulance or fire fighters came to help. Eventually the flames were to much and we watch her die and she turned to coals. A couple other missionaries could not sleep for two nights since then. I think I handled it very well but it was still quite sad. But that was not the worst part. The worst part was that her daughter had escaped and just stood there balling helplessly as her mother was burning to death. She was around our age.  Anyway, life is so short and so precious. We should make the most of it and not hold grudges with anyone but show our love for one another always. Only God knows when we are to leave this life. It reminds me of one of the few country songs I actually like. It is by Tim McGraw and I think the name of the song is "Live Like You Are Dying."

Part of his letter to his dad about how many came to the religion class at the college: The class was about 40 - 50 or something.

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