Monday, April 13, 2015

Letter from Michael 4-13-2015- Like a Lamb to the Slaughter

On the transfer I failed to mention that Elder Haynes, who trained me, is now my zone leader. This is his last transfer before he goes home to Australia. It is good to finally serve around him again. By the way, Selena and her daughter came to church on Sunday. Selena might actually get baptized this coming Sunday.  
The college class on Wednesday was a success. There were about 60 student crammed into one small room. They were all the way up right in front of us and to the side. The whole class was just girls and only one boy. We taught for about 40 minutes. We started out teaching about faith with works. Then "the armor of God" and why we have commandments. Then we focused on the law of chastity. We got some interesting reaction while teaching that. Most of them seemed to enjoy it though. We are also going to try to do the same thing at the TUT which is right across the street from the chapel.  
Last week we had a very interesting service project at a member's house. It is something I have never done before. Brother McDonald had a 7 month old sheep that broke one its front legs in half. It was bleeding and there was no hope for fixing it. So we helped him catch the now 3 legged sheep. We tried surrounding it but it was remarkably fast even with only 3 legs. Eventually it fell down. I jumped onto it and pulled its legs back. Since then it was as if it had accepted it was going to die. It no longer tried to run away or fight back. The lamb was just calm. I once read the words of Joseph Smith as he was leaving to Carthage jail. He mentioned that he was as cool as a summer’s morning like a lamb to the slaughter. Also it is just like Jesus Christ before he was crucified. He did not resist, he did not fight, he did not complain. He had fully accepted the will of His father. 
After we had caught the lamb, we picked it up and put it into a wheel barrow so we could carry to the place where we would put it out of its misery. We held it while Brother McDonald slit its throat. I was surprised at the amount of blood that came out and how quickly it shot out. I never saw an animal be slaughtered like that and being so close. When the blood drained out we skinned the sheep and then Brother McDonald took out some organs to cook for dinner. We left before dinner so no lamb chops or intestines for us. Anyway, it was an interesting experience.
- Elder Michael Johnson 

Part of letter to his mom: Sorry, I failed to mention that starting this week we are having family home evening at the chapel for the members and their friends. It will be every Friday night at 6:00pm. We will have a lesson and then games as usual. 

Part of letter to his dad: By the way, I never sent you a post card before. Today I am sending you one. I will stop by the post office and give it to Selena. I don't know if I told you but Selena work at the post office. I can now bench 242 lbs. a few times. I need more to max out. I am surprised that I am able to get stronger just on mission. We don't exactly eat enough or exercise long enough. I started my mission at 155 lbs. and am now 180 lbs. 

Quote of the week: Conference from Elder Dale G. Renlund, former Africa Southeast Area President: “God cares a lot more about who we are, and who we are becoming, than about who we once were.”

Michael on Transfer Day April 2015

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