Thursday, February 5, 2015

Letter sent by Michael on 2-3-2015 due to power outage the day before

When asked why he only wrote a short letter on 2-3-2015, he responded:
Yea, we were not able to email yesterday. The server was having problems and then  the power here went out. Today was our only option. 
Part of his letter to his mom:
I have received some letters from you as well as some beautiful post cards. Thank you! I don't know when President will be here. I get along with my companion pretty well. He is sad to leave mission but happy to leave this dangerous country and the culture. I don't blame him. Exercise has been a struggle lately. Mostly in the flat. Sometimes we run. Yes I ate some Mopane worms at the flat in Protea Glen. They were horrible and dry. It leaves a bad after taste. I never ate the intestines but on Sunday I ate some cow tongue which actually tasted very good. It was very tender.
When asked  when Janathan is getting baptized:
He is getting baptized on the 15th. He is pretty young and his mother is a member and the father is not. He is pretty smart and has almost all of the Articles of Faith memorized. 
Part of his letter to his dad:
Zuele also came to church, by the way. We found a couple potentials. One is a waiter and the other a waitress at "The Brazen Head" restaurant. We will see how that goes. We like to request for them every time we go. their names are Emanuel and Charmaine. 
Great price of gas and gas mileage. Imagine the gas mileage of a motorcycle. Since I have been here I have had an interest in getting a motorcycle. I don't think I ever will though. By the way, I really appreciate the pictures you send.

Quote of the week:
"A person could not give a crust to the Lord without receiving a loaf in return." - Melvin J Ballard

At Amos' house


With Zone Leaders in Poloqwane

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