Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Letter from Michael 2-16-2015 Witbank Transfer News

Letter from Michael 2-16-2015 Witbank Transfer News
We got the Transfer news on Friday night. As for my companion he is obviously going home back to Saint George. My new companion will probably be the new district leader. 
This week went pretty well. Jonathan was baptized and his father and other relatives who are not members came. His father almost didn't come because he always thought that the Elders were judging him because he went to a different church. Then last week he over heard part of the lesson for Jonathan about the articles of faith. We talked about the part that says that we respect other peoples beliefs and about others worshiping how or what they may. Selena came to church again as well as Crisben. 
On Thursday we reviewed the restoration with Stanley and his family. We even showed him the movie which enjoyed very much. At the part where they have their first sacrament meeting everyone raised their hand to sustain the prophet Joseph Smith. Elder Perez and I looked over at Stanley and he was also sustaining the prophet. We can see in him that he is beginning to have a testimony but his wife seems to be the only thing holding him back at the moment. I hope I get to see Stanley get baptized before I leave Witbank. We also had a couple less actives come to church this Sunday. Last week I went on exchanges to Kwagukua which was nice. I really enjoyed being back in township. There are so many more people to talk to on the street and the people there actually want to listen to and talk with us. I got burned pretty bad though. There is just no trees to give off shade in township. 
(Which prophet didn't have a father?)
....................................................... "Joshua, the son of Nun"  
- Elder Michael Johnson

Part of his letter to his mom:
Yes, I assumed I would be staying. He goes to the mission home tonight and will fly home Tuesday night. Yes, we will drive down to Roodeport for the Transfer. 

Part of his letter to his dad:

Jonathan, Selena, and Crisben came to church. Also, Quintin who is a less active also
came. We stil have not yet done the booth thing at the shopping center. At
least by sometime next week we will have done it.

Hamster Ball Soccer

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