Sunday, November 30, 2014

Letter from Michael 11-24-2014- 1Year –Transfer News

                We have received the Transfer news but the Transfer is on Tuesday as always. Elder Harris is leaving as expected. I will be getting the new district leader whose name is Elder Coldits. Elder Matos and Elder Warton are staying in the district as the Zone Leaders and Elder Todd is training.
We have 4 father lead families that we are teaching now. I have never had so many to teach. There is Charles and Mpho, Andres and his family, Rose and Timothy, and then Sediso (David) and Mapule. We saw Sediso and Mapule on Tuesday. She had read the pamphlet we gave her and she understood very well. She also started reading the Book of Mormon.

                On Sunday it was raining hard and we were worried that investigators would not be able to make it. members. Oh yes, and we had finished teaching him about the plan of salvation. This Sunday we had a two hour stake conference. It was not the usual stake conference though. They played a DVD (recording) of Robert Gay, Elder Badnar, and President Uktdorf speaking to the people in Africa. It was great! All of them taught a lot about Labola, Ebola, cultural traditions, priorities, and excuses. It was just what Africa needs to know.

- Elder Michael Johnson 

Part of his letter to his dad:
HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY! You are getting so old. I was going to send you a birthday post card but the post office has been on strike. I still have it with me though.
Yes, we taught David and Mapule. We had a short visit with Vundisa. Mphumsi came to church.

Part of his letter to his mom:
Okay, we already figure out where we are skyping for Christmas. It is at a member's house in the Rabie Ridge 2 area. They do it almost every year for the Elders. At least one of the 2 letters I got from you last week was from August. Awesome, about the AF band! Mphumsi is kind of like that. I can't take any credit for his acceptance to the gospel or his testimony. I know he has it because of our Father in Heaven who prepared his heart.

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