Sunday, October 12, 2014

Letter from Michael 10-6-204- Last Week of Transfers and General Conference

Letter from Michael 10-6-2014 - Last Week of the Transfer and General Conference

This week not as much happened. Conference this weekend was good. We saw all of it accept Sunday 2nd session. I liked that they tried to have speakers in different languages. But especially with the Asian guy it was difficult to focus. I didn't like hearing two voices at the same time. It went on till midnight here. Kalebo, Rams, Joyce, and Impumi each came to a session of conference. They enjoyed it. I think it was in the Priesthood session I was surprised to see Blake Mower singing in the choir. I wasn't aware he was in the MTC at this time.
Anyway, our water never came back on till the middle of last week. So we went a week and 1 half without water at our flat. I am very grateful to have it now. We saw Vundisa again last week. She said she really ejoys our church and says it is different than any other church she has been to. She said she felt the Spirit strongly. We have had some more service as well. We helped Sister Ngwenia re-do the foundation for one of the rooms in her house. it was fun but we all got matching blisters on our hands from the service. Also, we did some washing for some members. We washed a bunch of huge rugs that they had.
- Elder Johnson

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